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A special limited edition is still available though; signed, with a beautiful additional photo, signed and numbered: ‘Wilbert asleep at Cop Tabar’ size 24x30cm (9×11 inch) printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Fine Art Paper. The ‘special’ is packed in a used desert camo net. Total price: 150 euros. (edition 50, 15 left)

Special limited

“Here are the young men, the weight’s on their shoulders,
Here are the young men, well where have they been?”
(Decades, Joy Division, 1980)

The year is 2008 and my son Tristan has been sworn in as a marine. Following successful completion of the training, the next step is deployment into a warzone to gain some ‘real’ experience as a soldier. Nevertheless, this only natural ambition became the cause of my greatest anxiety: I couldn’t get rid of the image of two men coming to my door with that dreadful news all soldier’s mothers fear”. (Text from book)

The book is designed by Sybren KuiperTIME Lightbox (18 in slideshow) recommends the book in its monthly guide to the best of photography beyond the web (June 2013). For more info about content and purpose of the series ‘Here are the young men’; click HERE

Reviews of the book:VOLKSKRANT, SHUTR MAGAZINE (in Dutch) REMI COIGNET (published in bilateral photomagazine The Eyes), GUP MAGAZINE , photo book collector CHRISTER EK , Saskia Hoogerhuis ILOVETHATPHOTO.NET JOSEF CHLADEK ( in English)


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