Salaam Afghanistan

In Februari 2012 I visited the men and women of the Dutch Police Training Group in Kunduz, Afghanistan. I made pictures of the Afghan policemen posing with their Ducth trainers and I portrayed the Afghan policemen and women and their Dutch trainers seperately. I arranged these single portraits into double portraits.
I did this, in order to emphasize the mutual commitment between Afghanistan and the Netherlands.
The Netherlands got involved in the war against terror, and has sent thousands of young men and women to battle. Now, after more then a decade, things aren’t getting much better in Afghanistan. It looks like al the efforts and sacrifices that have been made, were for nothing.
But I know that many men, women and children in Afghanistan want desperate things to change for the better for their country.
It’s for them and for their future, and also for the Dutch military men and women and their efforts, that I made these portraits.
Through this history of war we are bound up with one another. Let’s stay close and committed.
I wish the Afghan people a future of peace and fortune. Insha’Allah.

Salaam Afghanistan!

Police trainer Renee and Rabiea


Police trainer Rianne with Norya


Seargeant Megan with Shafiqa


Featured Charlotte


Featured Jur


Featured Leon


Wachtmeester Anwar with Patrolman Ayatullah


Wachtmeester Sanne with Sergeant Shekibullah


Patrolman Khai Rudia with wachtmeester Jacco