Trip to Kunduz

In Februari 2012 I went to Afghanistan for the second time. Now I went to portray the military men and women of the so called Dutch Police Training Mission who are training the ANP: the Afghan National Police. I stayed for two weeks at Camp Kunduz, which is situated in the north of Afghanistan. The double portraits of the series ‘Salaam Afghanistan’ were published in a portfolio ‘Fotodocument‘ of Dutch weekly Vrij Nederland, April 2012.
During this trip I kept a photo diary: Afghanistan Daily. Daily posts about my encounters with the Afghan people and the Dutch military, and about my stay at the military base.
For Dutch art magazine Mister Motley I kept a photo blog: [Prelude] Afghanistan (language is in Dutch). It’s about the military in general and about two military men of this Police Training Mission in particular: Tim and Jur. In this blog I write about their hopes and expectations, disapointments and achievements, dreams and disillusionments.