Emiels tweelingbroer

Here are the young men

is divided in three subseries:

  • Marked: black and white triptychs of marines before, during and after their tour of duty to Afghanistan
  • Armoured: photos of the good luck charms the marines carry 
  • Committed: colour photos of marines on nightly patrols and of their daily life on the Combat Outpost Tabar in Uruzgan, Afghanistan

“Here are the young men”(The Netherlands – Afghanistan, 2009 - 2010) show photos of Dutch marines deployed to Afghanistan . These marines are young boys, full of excitement and expectations who are being sent to a war zone . There they are confronted with pain, sadness and death . Will something appear on their faces of these experiences? To find an answer to this question I photographed the marines of the 13th infantry company of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, before, during and after their deployment in Uruzgan. Photos - triptychs and large portraits - of these series have been purchased by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are on permanent display at the Nato Headquarters in Brussels.

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