The Four Adventurers
2020 November 17th

The four of us came together at Armand's house to discuss our epic journey into the heart of Kurdistan further. Alas Charles was missing: he was engaged with work in Geneva. 

Roy editing
2020 April 22nd

Roy is going through the footage from Yper.

Roy mud Yper
2020 March 2nd

Our first actual meeting on our bikes! We came together at Yper, Belgium, to do a short promotional video by team member Roy Dames.


Book Marenne
2019 November 1st

My triptychs of Here Are The Young Men in a thesis by Marenne Mei Jansen for her promotion on Military Leadership.

Ank Bijleveld
2019 October 25th

Former Marine Jasper visited the Nato Headquarters in Brussels to see his portrait on - permanent - display at the Dutch department. The Dutch minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld came by to meet.

10x10 New York
2019 October 17th

On October 17 I did a presentation at the 10 x10 Photo Salon, at the Magnum Foundation in New York, which was very well received.

Interview Jolet Moolenaar
2019 July 29th

Journalist Jolet Moolenaar did a short video with me for her series " Wat bezielt.." - in Dutch

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